Competition Ballroom Dance at the Denver Dancesport Jam

Superbowl weekend is a super start for competition ballroom dance. The Denver Dancesport Jam is the hottest ballroom dance event to start the year in Colorado. Dancers from Adventures in dance were prepared to do their best in competiton ballroom dance. Rhythm & Club dances with Melvin The day started off with American Rhythm dance.[…]

3 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Recently a student of mine asked me what the health benefits of ballroom dance were. I gave her the short answer of moving to music while practicing partnership with another person. But I was not satisfied with my answer. I thought I would look a little deeper. 3 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance Body Brain[…]

Spooky Fun Dance Showcase

Spooky Fun Dance Showcase Following the coldest day of the year, Dancer’s gathered at Adventures in Dance for the spooky fun dance showcase. Months of preparation went into each carefully crafted routine that was presented Sunday afternoon. In addition to choreographed routines, some of the students performed in a mock competition format. A Cover is[…]