Fall First Dance Graduates at Adventures in Dance

Spectacular September Wedding dance Kristina Tkac & Nic Palmer had taken some dance lessons before but need some help making something special for there wedding. Luckily, they went with adventures in dance and thusly made a rely flashy Foxtrot. The song they had decided on was “Your love Keeps me lifting” by Jackie Wilson. With[…]

Summer First Dance Graduates at Adventures in Dance

Marketing couple sell their first dance David Staley is in Apartment Marketing and Nicole Brennan is in advertising. While they did come to us with no dance experience, they soon unlocked a hidden talent that they themselves didn’t know they had in dance.  With the help of Holly, they pulled out a night club 2[…]

Valentines Inspired First Dance

Valentines Inspired First Dance Receptionist and Aerospace inspector Soar with their first dance. We met Zach Maxwell and Jillian Checkley at The Rocky mountain Bridal Show and right then and there we knew there was something special about them. This couple was determined and Passionate about landing there first dance and sure enough they did.[…]

Winter Wedding First Dance

Winter Wedding First Dance Microbiology Scientist and Mechanical Engineer dance at their wedding Do you love Game of Thrones? Brooklyn Tensla and James Kimey are fans of Game of Thrones, so they picked the opening theme for their wedding dance. To make the most of their first dance, they began their lessons 9 months in[…]