Rob Hanzlik and Caroline Wedding

Rob Hanzlik and Caroline Spring a Surprise Wedding Dance!

TweetWedding Dances are the physical representation of how a couple loves one another. It’s as unique as they are, whether it’s the passion of a husband and wife or the tender love of a father and daughter. Either way Rob and Caroline swept their audience away with a romantic Foxtrot to “All the Way” and[…]

Lamar Chherty and Caitlin Wedding

Lamar Chhetry & Caitlin Zeiler Sweep Guests Away with Amazing Wedding Dance!

TweetMost couples prefer to do the high school sway for their wedding, but Lamar and Caitlin wanted to do something that was above and beyond. So after some digging online they found a dance studio that specialized in wedding dances and scheduled immediately.¬† In all the years of teaching dancing we find special moments where[…]

Brian Allen and Marissa Wedding

Brian Allen & Marissa Prewett Romance the Floor with their Wedding Dance!

TweetThere are many moments in life that are marked by important things. Your first birthday, first day of school, graduation, and wedding. But it’s the people who make those moments so memorable. Which is why its always amazing when couples decide to do something extra for their First Dance. Marissa and Brian are an amazing[…]

Adam Krebsbach & Caitlyn Wedding

Adam Krebsbach & Caitlyn McWilliams Amaze Friends and Family With Wedding Dance!

TweetUp at the Breckenridge Blue Sky Resort something very special was happening, the wedding of Adam and Caitlyn. Surrounded in the colors of Navy, Copper, and Purple they proclaimed the start of a life together. But something extra was added for their wedding day. While most couples would prefer to sway on the floor they[…]

stranger tides mermaids and pumpkin ship

Littleton Pumpkin Follies gets Pirates of the Caribbean.

TweetLittleton Pumpkin Follies gets Pirates of the Caribbean. Don’t you love fall? In Littleton, fall brings¬†brings fun festivals and activities, like the award-winning Pumpkin Follies and Goat Show. This is a merchant competition to build the most creative pumpkin pole in Littleton. The Pumpkin Follies: Historic downtown Littleton merchants are divided into pumpkin pod teams[…]

Brian Lich & Sarah Wedding

Brian Lich and Sarah Penrod Graduate with their very own Wedding Dance!

TweetWeddings are an amazing experience. It’s one of those bright moments in life that people look forward to. Brian and Sarah are two such lucky people that found each other and decided they wanted to spend life together, and boy did they go all out for their wedding! Their reception was held at the Space[…]

Joseph Rogers and Jenny Wedding

Jenny Lujan and Joseph Rogers Sweep Away Audience with Wedding Dance!

TweetJenny and Joseph knew that for their wedding day they would absolutely not do the high school sway.¬†Coincidentally enough Jenny’s father, Nestor, already knew a dance studio that specialized in wedding dances. He signed them up and the happy couple came in to create their first dance, something as special as their wedding day. Our[…]

Denver Turnverine dance Chandler

Chris Riedel and Meaghan Mercer Graduate from Adventures in Dance this Fall!

TweetWeddings can be difficult to plan, ask any married couple, but through all of the tablecloths, chair and fancy decor it’s always the little things you remember. Things like the first dance. It can be awkward doing just the plain ‘ol high school sway out on the floor, but Chris and Meaghan weren’t planning on[…]