Betty Boop 20’s Charleston Line Dance How To

Jazz age flapper Betty Boop was “The Queen of the Animated Screen.” In her dancing school she taught toons how to Charleston. So, I put together a Betty Boop 20’s Charleston Line dance. Get ready to cut a rug with this Charleston line dance how to. Why Betty Boop? So why would I feature Betty[…]

Fall First Dance Graduates at Adventures in Dance

Spectacular September Wedding dance Kristina Tkac & Nic Palmer had taken some dance lessons before but need some help making something special for there wedding. Luckily, they went with adventures in dance and thusly made a rely flashy Foxtrot. The song they had decided on was “Your love Keeps me lifting” by Jackie Wilson. With[…]

Summer First Dance Graduates at Adventures in Dance

Marketing couple sell their first dance David Staley is in Apartment Marketing and Nicole Brennan is in advertising. While they did come to us with no dance experience, they soon unlocked a hidden talent that they themselves didn’t know they had in dance.  With the help of Holly, they pulled out a night club 2[…]

Competition Ballroom Dance at the Denver Dancesport Jam

Superbowl weekend is a super start for competition ballroom dance. The Denver Dancesport Jam is the hottest ballroom dance event to start the year in Colorado. Dancers from Adventures in dance were prepared to do their best in competiton ballroom dance. Rhythm & Club dances with Melvin The day started off with American Rhythm dance.[…]

3 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Recently a student of mine asked me what the health benefits of ballroom dance were. I gave her the short answer of moving to music while practicing partnership with another person. But I was not satisfied with my answer. I thought I would look a little deeper. 3 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance Body Brain[…]

2020 Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

Weddings are wonderful events to plan, and bridal shows are the best place to see a large variety of services. The Rocky Mountain Bridal Show is the best of the Colorado bridals shows. You can find everything you need to plan your wedding in a one stop. Bridal show booths There were DJ’s to dance[…]

Harry Potter Yule Ball Show

Witches and Wizards blew in from all over Colorado to attend the Harry Potter Yule Ball. The ball was held at the Longmont Museum Saturday January 4th. Performers from Adventures in Dance were invited to share their Fantastic Beasts Ballroom dance show. Wizards Waltz Lesson The wizarding world gathered at 5:30 pm to learn how[…]