Our Team


Holly Collins – Owner

Holly Collins Littleton Dance Instructor

In kindergarten my mother signed me up for a tap class. It was a disaster. I could not tell my right from my left. From my way of thinking, my dancing was stinking. My mother was traumatized, and banned me from dancing. ( So I took it up in college to spite her)

By the third grade it was discovered that I am a dyslexic. I was “cured” over a summer intensive retraining and went on to succeed in school and life. In Jr. High I wanted to take up music, but my mother was concerned that it would be too big a challenge with my dyslexia, and did not want me to struggle. I made her a wager that if I learned to play flute in 3 months, she would have to buy me private lessons. I won. It cost her rest of my schooling; many honor ensembles, a music scholarship, and a BS in Vocal and Instrumental music (Cum Laude). I use this same determination to help my students overcome their obstacles to learning.

I am an experienced musician and volunteer my musical skills in flute and voice. I have taught children’s choirs, bands, orchestras and musicals. Now I sing for catholic funerals and odd occasions.

I like to sew and make many of my costumes. This led to a situation with my daughter. She wanted to purchase an expensive silicone mermaid tail ($ 3,000). She did not want me to make her one and interfere with her fun. So on the sly for Christmas I ordered a mono-fin and got handy with my needle and thread and put together a mermaid tail for her for Christmas. I asked my husband if he wanted listed as a co-conspirator. He wanted no part in a project that had the potential for a blow up between us (think WWIII). I was very lucky and she loved it. She went on to audition for the Denver aquarium as a mermaid, where she got to swim in the aquarium tank in a silicon tail. She turned down the job because the tail was 30 pounds and it was tough to keep your eyes open in salt water. I went on to make a how to video on making a mermaid tail. I continue to sew unique things.

I love to learn, and learn how learning works. By keeping up on the latest research I help my clients learn more efficiently. I do this by using mnemonics and unusual teaching tools, like a squirrel. I keep up to date on the latest ballroom and partnership dance moves through competition in International Standard Ballroom dance, and through certifying thought DIVDA in the latest dances.  Click here for all Holly Collins-Tomazin’s accomplishments

Craig Tomazin – Business Manager and Accounts Executive

Craig Tomazin Dance Instructor Littleton

Craig is experienced in management in the mortgage industry. He has a BS in business finance and an AA in technical theater (this comes in handy with building dance floors and decks) He is an endless asset from writing business plans for the overly creative, to bookkeeping for small business, and herding cats.

Craig loves the outdoors. He enjoys downhill and cross county skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. In 2002 he taught wilderness trekking with the Colorado Mountain Club and has climbed 29 of the 54 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado (Holly climbed 25 of them with him and Robyn 10).

Craig is a beer aficionado. In 2009 Holly bought him a parsimonious gift, the Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado. And since then we have visited over 225 Colorado breweries, 5 California breweries and 4 Kansas breweries. His favorite styles of beer dark beers like Porters and Scottish ales.

Craig’s couch is always open. Craig has an uncanny ability to listen deeply to others, and help them to sort out where they are. He uses this with his student’s to assist them when learning new steps. He is an asset to all who work with him.