American Smooth Ballroom Dance


American Smooth Ballroom Dance

Dance like on Dancing with the Stars, with this beautiful american style of ballroom dance. Long graceful moves with underarm turns and spins dating back hundreds of years. This beautiful dance style is best with big band and symphonic music. Each dance includes the approved tempo’s for competition. Read more about each ballroom dance style and the history of each dance below.
Ballroom Dancers

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American Style Smooth Ballroom Dance:

  • Waltz –
    Danced to slow and romantic 3/4 time music at 28-32 measures per minute or 84-90 beats per minute, Learn More
  • Tango-
    The smooth Latin Ballroom Dance, danced to 4/4 time music, at 30-32 measures per minute or 120-128 beats per minute Learn More
  • Foxtrot-
    A upbeat dance for Jazz and blues music, ballroom  danced to 4/4 time music, at 30-34 measures per minute or 120-136 beats per minute Learn More
  • Viennese Waltz
    A classic and stately ballroom dance dating back to the Victorian Period. 3/4 time music at 53-54 measures per minute or 159-162 beats per minute Learn More
  • Peabody-
    This is a fun little dance for Dixieland and uptempo Jazz music. Danced to 4/4 time music, at 60-62 measures per minute or 240-248 beats per minute Learn More
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Ballroom Dancers