Dance Tips

Dance Tips

Do you want the inside scoop on how to Improve your dancing? I have put a list of articles together to help you improve how you dance. Insights on dance lessons,how teachers see your dancing, dance do’s and don’ts, why compete and more. Have fun reading the articles from my blog below.

Dance Tips

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Find out how Ballroom Dance can better your health.

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7 Ballroom Don’ts Read Here
Join Craig on the Wild World of Ballroom How Not to Dance, and 4 Ballroom Do’s
Wild world of ballroom dont and dos craig

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Denver Dance Jam Shayao craig

How dancing feels verses looks Read here
co star ball robyn bill smooth

What the good man does is always right-or how to follow- Read here
Wedding boquet and shoes

Is your dancing Beastly? 5 tips to learn how to dance-Read Here
beauty Belle and Beast dance5 Ways bad posture harms you – Read Here

Hunched shoulders creeping off

If the shoe fits-No sore feet! Read Here

Glass slipper

3 Tips for wedding gown dance-ability- Read Here

off the rack wedding gown

off the rack wedding gown

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ballroom dance feet