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Historically Accurate Princess Dances –Blog

I love princess stories, and often in my line of work as a ballroom dance teacher, I am asked to choreograph wedding routines bases on Disney princess dances. I began to wonder what each princess would have danced in the period that their stories took place.

On a bet with my daughter, I researched and produced how to historically accurate princess dance videos. If that was not enough, I filmed on location at Colorado castles. I have shared this fun take on dance and history with two international kids clubs, Frontier Girls and Quest Club for Kids, as well as with Denver Free Fun. The princess dances have also been features at medieval festivals, street fairs, father-daughter dances, quest club events, and weddings. If you found this enjoyable or beneficial, feel free to contribute here.

Antiquity: 700 BC – 500 AD Learn more

Lord of the Rings Dances of Tolkien’s Middle Earth- See Here

Medieval Princess dances: 5-1450 AD- See Here

Prince Phillip and Aurora dancers

Renaissance Princess Dances:1300-1700 AD
(Tudor / Elizabethan 1558-1607)  See Here

Pocahontas and John dance Pavane

Baroque period Dances 1600-1750 “age of the Minuet” – See Here

Romantic period (1770-1850) – See Here

Victorian Princess Dances: 1837-1901 AD – Click Here

Alice In Wonderland-

Nutcracker & The Four Victorian Dances- 1816 Story, 1892 Ballet
Princess Clara- Learn More

Steampunk Fun and Dance- Learn More

Edwardian Princess dances 1901-1918 ( end of WW1 1918) AD

  • Peter Pan (1850-1904 AD)
  • Villain Dancing with Water Challenge with Captain Hook & UrsulaLearn More
  • Hook-The Apache Tango with Princess Tiger Lily (1890) – (1904) Learn More
  • Gay Pur-ee Cat Can Can Line Dance (Gay Pur-ee 1890, ) Learn More
  • Aristocats “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” Foxtrot Linw Dance (1910ish) Learn More
  • Mary PoppinsMaxie dance how to (1910)- Learn More
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Truly Scrumptious (1911) Bunny Hug How to – Learn More
  • Anastasia (1914) Boston Waltz coming soon
  • Atlantis the lost empire (1914) Turkey Trot Learn More
    (I made the Turkey Trot video before starting this series, but it fits this period. I am still writing the blog to go with this)

Prohibition Princess Dances: 1920 -30’s  AD

  • Downtown Abbey Waltz
  • Miss Fischer Valentino Tango Learn More
  • Princess and the Frog Tiana’s French Tango How To Learn More
  • Princess and the Frog (1920) Charleston Learn More
  • Betty Boop Catty Quickstep Line Dance with Felix the Cat Learn More
  • Betty Boop Charleston Line Dance (30’s character based on a 20’s flapper) Learn More 

War Era USO Princess Dances: 1938-1945  AD

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1940’s) Jessica Rabbit Blues
  • Weasels Lindy Hop or shim sham shimmy
  • Chicca Boom Carmen Miranda Samba Line DanceLearn More

Toy Stroy Woodie’s Country Western Corner

  • Copperhead RoadLearn More
  • Rita’s Waltz line danceLearn More
    (I made the waltz video before starting this series, but it fits this period. I am still working on the blog to go with this)
  • Hillbilly Hippie Line Dance how to Learn More
  • Gay Pur-ee Cat Can Can Line Dance (Gay Pur-ee 1890, ) Learn More

1950’s Rockabilly and beyond

Holiday Line Dances

  • Valhalla Calling Ratatoskr Line Dance how to, (Squirrel appreciation day Jan 21) Learn More
  • Indian Princess Groundhog Line Dance How To (grounhog day)- Learn More
  • Reya and the Last Dragon, (Lunar New Year), (Qigong Flow)
  • Mardi Gras “The Saints” Line Dance How To-Learn More
  • Psyche & The Cupid Shuffle (Cupid, Roman God, Cupid Shuffle, 2007)Learn More
  • Leprechaun Irish Jig Line Dance How To (St Patrick’s Day)Learn More
  • Fortnite Bhop how to (Easter)Learn More
  • How to dance the Bunny Hop (Easter)-Learn More
  • Mexican Hat Dance (Cinco De Mayo May 5 also Encanto) –Learn More
  • Chicken Dance How To (Dance like a Chicken Day May 14)- Learn More
  • Yankee Doodle Line Dance-Learn More
  • Lady Liberty Patriotic Princess Line Dance How To- Learn More
  • You’re a Grand Old Flag Patriotic Line Dance How To- Learn More
  • Oak King Ivy Queen Maypole (May day or first of Spring Dance) Learn More
  • Moana (Hula Line Dance)
  • Oktoberfest Anton Line Dance – Learn More
  • Oktoberfest Beer Barrel Polka Line Dance –Learn More
  • Drunken Sailor (Talk like a pirate day Sept 19) Pirate Line Dance-Learn More
  • Hillbilly Hippie (Sadie hawkins Day Nov. 13) Line Dance how to Learn More
  • Tur-Duck-En (Turkey trot Disco Duck, chicken dance) line dances Learn More
  • Wobble for Gobbles Line Dance-Learn More

Modern Monster Princesses Dances

Halloween Monster Line Dance Page- Learn More

Addams Family Dance Page- Learn More

Scare up some fun with line dances like….

Morticia and Gomez Addams dance

Morticia and Gomez Addams dance

Christmas Line Dance Corner

I did not plan on the princesses of Christmas, but they came to me anyway. Some of the line dances were older productions when my I was teaching a kids class and each young lady was a princess to me.

  • Ding Dong Merrily On High Christmas Line Dance with the Holly King & Ivy Queen Learn More
  • Christmas Polka Line Dance with Hansel and Gretel. Learn More
  • Angels From The Realms Of Glory Frozen Christmas Dance Learn More
  • Santa Baby 50’s Christmas Line Dance – Learn More
  • Holly Jolly Christmas Line Dance Learn More 
  • Jingle Bell Rock Line Dance Learn More.
  • Christmas Can-Can Line Dance Learn More

Other Stuff

Castle wedding for a kingKing Arthur and Queen Genevieve Medieval dance
John and renaissance lady dance pavanemother-Gothel-king-Frederic-Landler-dance