Victorian Era Princess Dances

Victorian Era Historically Accurate Princess Dances
Vintage victorian viennese waltz dancers

The Victorian era was the beginning of a new age. Queen Victoria with Prince Albert paved the way for many advancements. Steam powered engines and new technologies were popping up everywhere. This was the beginning of ballroom dance as we know it today. The waltz reigned as Queen Victoria’s favorite dance. Round dances took the place of the called dances with the freedom for the couples to improvise new steps. Learn with your favorite Victorian princesses how to dance the varied dances of this age. You may even loose your shoe with Cinderella as you waltz one more time.

Victorian Era Historically Accurate Princess Dances

  • Christmas Polka Line Dance with Hansel and GretelLearn More
  • Nutcracker Kingdom of Fun-Children’s Gallop Victorian Gallopade Round dance 1794 – Learn More
    Nutcracker Clara Mrs and Herr Stahlbaum
  • Nutcracker Flower Realm– Waltz of the flowers round dance-Learn More
    Regency French Pirouette Waltz 1816,
    waltz of the flowers regency piroette waltz
    Boston Glide Waltz 1830,
    Nutcraker Clara dance glide waltz
    Victorian Diagonal Waltz 1860- Learn More
    nutcracker cast ta da
  • Elsa & Anna How to Dance the Bohemian Polka for Frozen
    (1820-1830)  – Learn More
    Ballroom dancers Frozen dance Cast Elsa,kristoff,
  • Nutcracker Realm of Sweets– Spanish Chocolate, Victorian Cotillion dance mixer 1830 Spanish Waltz– Learn More
    Nutcracker and clara closed waltz postiton


  • Christmas Carol– ghost of Christmas Past-
    Queen’s Waltz English country Dance Cotillion Mixer (1844) Learn More

Dancing at Fezzywigs a the Dickens Fair

  • Snow Kingdom– Grand March 1855-1881 – Learn More
    Nutcracker cast crayCinderella– Varsovienne how to (1860) Learn Morecharming-and-Cinderella-dance-spin
  • Steampunk Parasol Duel How to – Learn More
  • Ursula Sea witch swimming costume How to – Learn More
  • Swimming mermaid tail tutorial – Learn More
  • Little Mermaid/Pirates on Stranger tides, How to Samba Line Dance 1880– Learn MoreSamba Mermaid priate bride ps web
  • Little Mermaid Ariel how to dance a Sailor Jig (1890’s)  – Learn More

    Ariel and Eric dance a sailors jig

    Ariel and Eric dance a sailors jig

  • Hook-The Apache Tango with Princess Tiger Lily (1890) – Learn More
    Pan Tinkerbell Hook Tigerlily
  • Sugar Plum Takeover! Victorian Glide Two Step round dance 1900. Learn More
    Sugar Plum Fairy and Prince flirting
  •  Anastasia (1901) Korobushka Victorian mixer dance how to-Learn More
    Anastasia Dance Korobushka How To

Most Popular Victorian Dances

  • Polka. A folk dance from Bohemia.
  • Mazurka. A Polish folk dance from the Province of Mosavia.
  • Galop. Originally from France, it was introduced to England in 1829 by H.M. Ball at St. James Palace.
  • Waltz. Introduced to Germany at the end of the 18th century, it revolutionized couple dances, reflecting the rhythms of the Industrial Revolution (the turning of the steam engine) and the romanticism of the era.
  • Cotillon. A series of musical dance games akin to parlor games, with exchanges of partners through chance and playful encounters.

Popular Victorian Round Dances

  • Waltz, 
  • Polka 
  • Galop 
  • Mazurka  
  • Schottische  
  • Tarantella 
  • Tango

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