Line Dances

Line Dances
Learn fun party line dances for your holiday gatherings. Great dances for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, and country dance. Learn all about about the dances below.

Line Dances

  • Chicca Boom Carmen Miranda Samba Line Dance –Learn More
  • Moana (Hula Line Dance)

  • Psyche & The Cupid Shuffle Dance How To- Learn More
  • Leprechaun Irish Jig Line Dance How To- Learn More
  • Ding Dong Merrily On High Christmas Line Dance with the Holly King & Ivy Queen Learn More

  • Christmas Polka Line Dance with Hansel and GretelLearn More

  • Santa Baby 50’s Christmas Line Dance – Learn More
  • Holly Jolly Christmas line dances –Learn More

    Youth Squad reindeer dancers and Holly's holiday helpers

    Youth Squad reindeer dancers and Holly’s holiday helpers

  • Jingle Bell Rock line dances –Learn More

    holly jolly line dance

    holly jolly line dance

  • American Graffiti 1950’s Stroll Mixer Learn more
  • Minnie Mouse Rockabilly Stroll- Learn More
  • West Side Story Chalypso – Learn More

  • Bunny Hop line dance –Learn Morebunny hop dancers
  • When You’re an Addams Line Dance –Learn MoreHolly teacher Thriller line dance at Adventures in dance Littleton Co
  • Oktoberfest Line Dance – Learn More Oktoberfest craig and holly
  • Samba Line DanceLean more
  • Rita’s Waltz a Country Western Line dance –Learn More Country Dancers
  • Copperhead Road Link 

  • Tur-Duck-En (Turkey trot Disco Duck, chicken dance) line dances Learn MoreTur duck en line dance