Timeline of Ballroom Dance History

Timeline of Ballroom Dance History:

Do you want to know more about the history of ballroom dances? I have written a few articles outlining timelines for the history of ballroom dance. The articles start with the origins of ballroom dance beginning in antiquity and progressing to the 20th century. Tracing where your favorite dance move originated is enlightening. Keep reading below for articles  on Ballroom dance history.

Enjoy reading articles on Ballroom dance history, dances of the Middle ages, Baroque, Victorian era, tea dances, Steampunk dances, and the history of dance at Elitch Gardens Colorado. Inspiration for each article came from a lecture or event I was invited to. These are the research for day of dance lectures, Littleton public school lectures, and outings with various Victorian groups. Enjoy exploring partnership dance history.

Ancient Ballroom Dance History

  • Dances of Middle Earth
    I was asked by Westercon to put together what dances Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves would have done in Lord of the Rings.
    Read here
    middle earth dancers

Timeline of Ballroom Dance History:

  • History of Ballroom Dances part 1 Antiquity to Baroque Periods Read More
    Ballroom Dance Day one day dance camp inspired this article. I used material I had researched for the historically accurate princess dances (here). 
    Greek circle dance Meg and Hercules
  • History of Ballroom Dance part 2 Regency Era through the Victorian Era. Read More
    This is part 2 of the lecture from the Day of Dance in Denver Colorado.
    queen victoria at the great dickens faie

Victorian Dance History

  • Short History of Viennese Waltz By Dancing Princesses –Read More
  • Victorian Christmas Dances of Fezziwig’s Ball Read More
  • Timeline for Dances of the Victorian Era –Read More 
    Victorian dances have been popular in Denver recently. After being contracted to teach Victorian dances for the Off the clock Vintage Victorian event at the Denver Botanical Gardens I was inspired to write this article .
    Victorian Ballroom Dancers
  • History of Tea DanceRead More
    This article was inspired after joining the Colorado Victorian Society for and afternoon tea at Miramont Castle in Colorado Springs. 

    Victorian Tea Dancers

    Victorian Tea Dancers

    • Timeline for the History of Tango –Read More 
      Littleton High school invited me to give a talk on the history of Tango inspiring this article.

History of Dance at Elitch Gardens Colorado

  • Trocadero Ballroom Dance History 1890-1940 –Read More
    I wrote this for the Historic Elitch Gardens Theater, and presented on Saturday September 29th.
    inside Trodadero
  • Dancing at the Trocadero Ballroom History 1940-1975 – Read More
    Part two of what I wrote this for the Historic Elitch Gardens Theater.
    Elitch Carousel shell

20th century Ballroom Dances

  • Tango Bugs and Lizards Read more
    Derogatory terms for tango dancers at the beginning of the 20th century.
    tango bug and Tango lizard
  • The Color Of Tango-Read More The Color Of Tango
  • 4 Steampunk Dances –Read More
    Steampunk dance and train
  • History of Quickstep Show Read More
  • History of Samba Show Read More
  • History of Viennese Waltz Show Read More
    Vintage Victorian Viennese waltz
  • Dancing in the 1930’s Read More 
    The 1930’s were an interesting era. I could not resist a little historical research to go with this fun article inspired by my dirty 30’s theme party.
    1930's swing out dancers

  • 5 Popular 1940’s Dances– Read Here
  • 50’s Dance Hot Rod Rock & RumbleRead here  

  • Dances of Americana
    For the 4th of July at Westercon I was asked what all American dances would capture the American spirit.
    Read Here
  • Finish of Foxtrot?
    Is the Foxtrot dead? Even though the British Pathe thinks so, I contest their opinion in my blog. Read Here

    Craig Holly pumpkin ballroom dance dip

    Craig Holly pumpkin ballroom dance dip

  • Individual Instruction– New Student Special!