Thomas Paulsen and Chrystial Wedding

Thomas Paulsen and Chrystial Losianovich Amaze Audience with Wedding Dance!

TweetWe all dream about our ideal wedding. What colors we’d have, indoor vs outdoor, who we’d invite, and how much we’d party into the night. But, not everyone can rock their reception with a tailor made wedding dance like Thomas and Chrystial. They knew they wanted to dance the night away so they began tackling[…]

John Dingess and Rachel Wedding

John Dingess and Rachel Carter Smoke The Floor With Amazing Wedding Dance!

TweetJohn and Rachel knew for sure that they were not going to dance a high school sway for their wedding. So after digging through google they came across a Ballroom Studio that specialized in wedding dances. Our teachers loved teaching this couple Rumba to Etta James “At Last” and feel confidant that they looked amazing[…]

Fidel Escalante and Nikki Wedding

Fidel Escalante and Nikki Hascall Sweep the Floor with Amazing Wedding Dance

TweetLearning how to dance isn’t always easy but given time and effort you can do some amazing things. Fidel and Nikki are amazing people as well as a wonderful power couple. We couldn’t have been more excited for their wedding dance, and they worked very hard on it. To give you an idea, they started[…]

Martin Martinez and Kylie Wedding

Martin Martinez and Kylie Mitchell Amaze with Dual Wedding Dances!

TweetWedding Dances always bring a tear to one’s eyes, but what if there are two? Martin and Kylie went above and beyond to learn a romantic Foxtrot to “Stay With You” compete with kisses. But her father Morton also stepped up to the plate and took time to learn a touching Night Club to “My[…]