West Side Story 1950’s Chalypso Dance How To

Classic love stories never go out of style. “West Side Story” is based on Romeo and Juliet, set in 1950 New York. At the same time America was ga-ga for Cha-cha. Cheeky cha-cha beats were mixed with the popular calypso music and became the 50’s Chalypso dance. This marriage of music is just as beautiful[…]

Minnie’s Rockabilly Stroll Dance How To

Do you love retro? Rockabilly pulls the best of the past into the present. But who would be a 50’s cartoon princess? Why Minnie Mouse fits the bill for a retro rockabilly stroll how to. About Minnie Mouse Minnie graced the silver screen first as Minerva mouse in 1928. Even though Minnie was not an[…]

Mad Hatter’s Mazurka Dance How To

Who doesn’t like Alice in wonderland? Don’t you wonder what dance the Mad Hatter would do at the Queen of Hearts Court? I would think they would dance the Mad Hatter’s Glide Mazurka. This popular polish dance began at the end of queen Elizabeth’s reign and rose in popularity until the end of the Victorian[…]

The Fairy Ring Dance How To

The Fairy Ring Dance How To Scottish country Ceili dance Fairy circle on Historically Accurate Princess Dances   For several years I have had the pleasure of teaching dance at the festival of Faerie in Layfette Colorado. This year I thought I would do an authentic faerie dance. I began researching fairy dances and found[…]