West Coast Swing Dance Class

Tuesdays at 7:00-7:50 pm

$90 per person for 8 group class sessions

Beginner & intermediate dancers have fun  learning to Swing

September 7th-October 26th 

Pilates and Dance Form Workshop

Pilates & Dance Form Workshop Back to Basics: Come learn Pilates exercises with  Sadie to improve posture and dance form. Learn about the anatomy of your body and how to apply this knowledge to dance movement. *bring yoga mat if needed for floor exercises *Thera-bands will be provided Saturday June 19th at 10am-11am $20 day[…]

Christmas Polka Line Dance How To

Christmas is a happy holiday with many German inspired traditions. Traditions like gingerbread houses and polka dancing. So, we have put together a how to for the Christmas Polka line dance. Gingerbread and Christmas Gingerbread at Christmas dates to the middle ages. From there gingerbread men were made popular by Queen Elizabeth. German bakers then[…]

Halloween Monster Line Dance

Do you love Halloween? I love giving treats to random strangers. So treat yourself to some fun Monster Line Dances for your holiday festivities. Addams Family Theme Line Dance- Learn More When You’re An Addams– Learn More The Lurch Line dance- Learn More  The Werewolf Watusi Featuring Ruby Red Riding Hood- Learn More Munster’s Monster Mash– Learn More Addams Family Dance Page- Learn[…]