Parking Lot Party

Parking Lot Party
July 10th , 7-8:30 pm
We are doing this for Generous DJ tips ($10 per person)
to keep our doors open,& for Craig to carry all the sound equipment outside 🙂
We will play a mix of ballroom and teach line dances throughout the evening. 
No experience required. 

The Stroll Dance Mixer How To

The Fabulous fifties are a great period. From race cars to poodle skirts, this is a fun era. Films like “American Graffiti” and “Grease” paid tribute to the stroll dance mixer. After doing an “American Graffiti” photo shoot for the Historic Elitch Theatre, I thought I would share how to dance the stroll. History of[…]

Nutcracker Ball Showcase Dinner & Dance

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