Nick Bradley and Nicole Wedding

Nick Bradley & Nicole Rimbert Astound Guests with Double Wedding Dance!

TweetNick Bradley & Nicole Rimbert Astound Guests For most engaged couples one wedding dance is more that enough with all the planning and greeting family as they come to town. But Nick and Nicole wanted extra, our teachers had an amazing time teaching them to dance Rumba to “Everything” and then transition into ChaCha for[…]

flowers and table

Sean Sexton & Moira Schlobohm Graduating from Adventures in Dance this Fall.

TweetSean and Moira were almost at the end of all the planning for their upcoming wedding in September. One of the last remaining details was learning an amazing dance to complete their wedding dream. Our teachers had a wonderful time teaching this couple a mashup dance to “I’ve Got the World on a String” and[…]

Joe Kaiser and Kimberly Wedding

Joe Kaiser and Kimberly Shephard Wedding Dance Graduates this Fall!

TweetJoe Kaiser and Kimberly Shephard Graduating from Adventures in Dance this Fall!   The Grant Humphries Mansion is a spectacular place, as most people imagine mansions to be. But it was being prepared for a special occasion, decorated in Navy and Lavender for the upcoming wedding of Joe and Kimberly. The happy couple had decided[…]

David Hernandez and Melissa Wedding

David Hernandez and Melissa Cromar Graduating with Wedding Dance

TweetDavid Hernandez and Melissa Cromar Graduating¬† from Adventures in Dance this Summer! One sunrise in Venice David Hernandez got down on one knee and proposed to Melissa. For those of you who hate cliffhangers, she said yes. After planning their wedding for a while they realized that they didn’t want to stand in front of[…]