Valentines Inspired First Dance

Valentines Inspired First Dance Receptionist and Aerospace inspector Soar with their first dance. We met Zach Maxwell and Jillian Checkley at The Rocky mountain Bridal Show and right then and there we knew there was something special about them. This couple was determined and Passionate about landing there first dance and sure enough they did.[…]

Winter Wedding First Dance

Winter Wedding First Dance Microbiology Scientist and Mechanical Engineer dance at their wedding Do you love Game of Thrones? Brooklyn Tensla and James Kimey are fans of Game of Thrones, so they picked the opening theme for their wedding dance. To make the most of their first dance, they began their lessons 9 months in[…]

November Wedding First Dance

November Wedding First Dance Nurse and Web Designer Rock there Reception Many look at Ballroom as a stuffy and outdated dance style that can in no way compete with the upbeat pace of today’s solo dance styles. That didn’t stop Chris Cruz and Amanda though, they went above and beyond to deliver a memorable first[…]

Top wedding tradition

Top wedding tradition on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips WEDDING DANCE instruction Weddings are full of something old, and something new. Many wedding traditions are being re-imagined for today. Traditions like cutting the cake, or the bride being escorted down the aisle by her father are traditions most often kept. But what is the top wedding tradition[…]