Prince of Egypt Hora Dance How To

Don’t you love a good story? The Prince of Egypt was a great story. It is an animated version of the film classic the 10 commandments. Zipporah was the princess of the Midian tribe, and wife the prince of Egypt, Moses. It is likely they would have danced the Hora as they traveled to the[…]

The Fairy Ring Dance How To

The Fairy Ring Dance How To Scottish country Ceili dance Fairy circle on Historically Accurate Princess Dances   For several years I have had the pleasure of teaching dance at the festival of Faerie in Layfette Colorado. This year I thought I would do an authentic faerie dance. I began researching fairy dances and found[…]

Mary Poppins Maxixe Dance How to

Mary Poppins Maxixe Dance How to A historically accurate princess dance Mary Poppins sang and danced her way across the big screen. As the enchanting nanny to the Banks little prince and princess, Mary was savvy on up on all the trends of her day. The up and coming dance of Mary Poppins day would[…]