Bizarre Steampunk Wonders

On small business Saturday Airship Iron Opal’s Bizarre bizarre was held at the Best Western Hotel in Loveland Colorado. Bizarre steampunk wonders could be found with wonderous vendors and creative steampunk events. The admission was a gently used book to be donated to libraries who had been devastated by disaster and needed replenished. Airship Iron[…]

Steampunk Wedding Dance at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

Steampunk Wedding Dance at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show Steampunk is the mixing of mechanical technology, like clockwork gears with Victorian style, like top hats and tails. Victorian elements with a contemporary twist are a fan favorite for Steampunk weddings. So, for the Rocky Mountain Bridal show the Adventures in Dance team put together a steampunk[…]

Steam Powered Ballroom

Steam Powered Ballroom   Don’t you think Steampunk is a creative click? For the 1101 Experience the dancers at Adventures in Dance put together a steam powered ballroom show. Taking the creativity of ballroom dance and merging it with the steampunk came out great.   Tea dueling   Lady Vo, captain of the airship opal[…]

Steampunk Page

Steampunk Page What is steampunk? The dictionary defines steampunk as science fiction set with steam powered technology in historical settings. Think about vintage Victorian garb adorned with gears. I have had the pleasure of creating tutorials for steampunk gatherings. Find fun activities like parasol dueling, splendid teapot racing, and steampunk dances. Fun facts and activities[…]