September Tango Dance class

September Tango Dance class

7 pm Thursdays

September 3rd – October 22nd

Beginning and intermediate dancers Learn the Tango. You have all the tools you need at the end of your legs!

Learn the Tango for beginner to intermediate dancers. Step through time gracefully with this class as your guide.

$80 per person for eight one hour sessions.

$15 per person per session drop in.


Call 720-276-0562 or
Some restrictions do apply. No refunds, exchange, substitutions or transfers.

The Color Of Tango

The Color of Tango

Tango has been setting trends since 1856. Carried from Spain to the Victorian ballrooms, Tango has left its mark. By the Edwardian era Tango had its own color, Tango Orange. Tango Roots Tango began as a South American dance. This was according to Parisian M. Markowski described in the “Dancer’s Casket” by Philadelphia resident Charles[…]

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Timeline for the history of Tango Dance

Timeline for the history of Tango Dance I was asked in November to present a history of Latin dance for Littleton High School. One of the historic Latin dances is the Tango. Currently it is expressed in three different styles, International Tango, American Tango, and Argentine Tango. The Tango has so much history I was[…]