Wedding display

Jeff & Teri Wedding Parents

TweetJeff McCalman & Teri Sexauer Wedding Parents It’s a special day when your little girl finds the man she’s going to marry. It also means exciting times for parents! No, we aren’t talking about paying bills for the wedding. We’re talking about dancing! Jeff and Teri decided to dust off their skills and show off[…]

Fidel Escalante and Nikki Wedding

Fidel Escalante and Nikki Hascall Sweep the Floor with Amazing Wedding Dance

TweetLearning how to dance isn’t always easy but given time and effort you can do some amazing things. Fidel and Nikki are amazing people as well as a wonderful power couple. We couldn’t have been more excited for their wedding dance, and they worked very hard on it. To give you an idea, they started[…]

Aaron Johnson and Rachel Wedding

Aaron Johnson and Rachel Reida Tie The Knot With Amazing Wedding Dance!

TweetGood ‘Ol romance is hard to find these days. But Aaron and Rachel are proof that it’s still there. This amazing couple came together and decided they didn’t want to just sway for their wedding. Oh no, they wanted to sweep the floor and leave their friends and families speechless! Which is just what they[…]

Rob Hanzlik and Caroline Wedding

Rob Hanzlik and Caroline Spring a Surprise Wedding Dance!

TweetWedding Dances are the physical representation of how a couple loves one another. It’s as unique as they are, whether it’s the passion of a husband and wife or the tender love of a father and daughter. Either way Rob and Caroline swept their audience away with a romantic Foxtrot to “All the Way” and[…]