Tyler Solomon and Lauren Wedding

Tyler Solomon & Lauren Eisenbach Glide through Dream Dance

TweetTyler Solomon & Lauren Eisenbach Glide through Dream Dance When envisioning a wedding dance we often think of the cliche bride and groom swirling around effortlessly on the floor. In reality it’s harder than it looks, which is why its all the more amazing how well Tyler and Lauren did on their first dance. The first step in making[…]

flowers and table

Stephen Hoghe and Shirley McCrohan Send Sparks Flying With Their Wedding Dance!

TweetStephen Hoghe and Shirley McCrohan Send Sparks Flying With Their Wedding Dance! As a wedding dance studio we have the wonderful privilege of meeting amazing couples who want to go above and beyond for their wedding. Stephen and Shirley were one of these amazing couples, and boy where there sparks of love flying all around[…]

Ian Rohrer and Holly Wedding

Ian Rohrer and Holly Smith Glide into Romantic Wedding Dance

TweetNothing is more romantic than swaying in the arms of your love. Just ask Ian and Holly, they went above and beyond to express their love for each other by learning a special first dance. Our teachers at Adventures in Dance helped select, polish, and perfect their dance for each other and, finally it was[…]

Adam Krebsbach & Caitlyn Wedding

Adam Krebsbach & Caitlyn McWilliams Amaze Friends and Family With Wedding Dance!

TweetUp at the Breckenridge Blue Sky Resort something very special was happening, the wedding of Adam and Caitlyn. Surrounded in the colors of Navy, Copper, and Purple they proclaimed the start of a life together. But something extra was added for their wedding day. While most couples would prefer to sway on the floor they[…]