West Coast Swing Dance Class

Tuesdays at 7:00-7:50 pm

$90 per person for 8 group class sessions

Beginner & intermediate dancers have fun  learning to Swing

September 7th-October 26th 

July West coast Swing Dance Class 

July West coast Swing Dance Class 

7 pm Tuesdays

July 7th – August 25th 

Beginning and intermediate dancers Learn the West coast swing. You have all the tools you need at the end of your legs!
From feeling you have two left feet to learning new fancy steps! Travel the world with us through the art of dance. Partnership and solo dance steps for all.

$80 per person for eight one hour sessions.

$15 per person per session drop in.


Call 720-276-0562 or
email info@adventuresindance.com
Some restrictions do apply. No refunds, exchange, substitutions or transfers.

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