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“Hi, Holly –

The wedding and reception both went beautifully! “Moon River” went beautifully, and we both enjoyed ourselves. Thank you ever so much for preparing us to enjoy this personally momentous event.

Looking forward to seeing you again in the not-too-far distant future.
Cordially, Bruce McC. “

 Read The Blog Post!

“Hi Holly!The wedding went absolutely perfectly! We had such a fun time. We received a TON of compliments on our dance! People seemed very impressed and we had a lot of fun. I think we nailed the intro, the swing portion, and the grand finale. The rhumba portion was good, but there were maybe a couple minor slip-ups that went totally unnoticed by our adoring fans. :)Things really could not have gone any better!Greg

PS: I think through the dancing lessons (aside from the choreography), I was able to do a much more fun and carefree dance with my Mom, as well!”

“Everything went well.Thank you so much”

“Hi Holly,Thanks again for teaching me and Corey how to dance.The first dance went well and people were quite impressed. :-)”

Sincerely,Katie Manh Magstadt

“The wedding was great we have a lot of great memories and the dance went off with out any flaws!We want to keep dancing since we had so much fun!”

Talk to you soon,Evan Meredith

” Thank you for the great lessons!I know we are looking forward to some more when life slows down a bit for us!”

-Julia Wedding Party Family Dance, and First Dance

“Hi Holly. This is Terri Witt. Kelly forgot to reply to you (sorry) just now asked her. bad girl!

Yes, wedding turned out nice and the dance was the best part.Both the boys did so good ! You would be proud And hope to see you soon!

Thank you.

“Hi Holly,Thank you again for all your guys’ help; we really enjoyed our time there!” -Leslie

“Holly, You were the best! The dance turned out to be perfect. We even received a round of applause during one minor “huggy”. Maybe the applause occurred because our guests thought we were done…haha! Once our lives calm down a bit we would love to come back and see you.” -Theresa

“The wedding went great!Thanks for all your help!” -Cynthia

“It was fabulous – thanks for your help – it went really well!!.” -Kelli & Clinton

“Hello Adventures in Dance! We had an absolutely incredible wedding and all our guests were very impressed with Josh and I’s first dance. We felt cool, calm, and collected and didn’t mess up once!! Thank you so much for working with us on such in such a tight time frame. I’ve attached pictures of our first dance! If you use any of the photos, the photographers ask that you credit Zach + Michelle with RevertPhoto.com. ”

Thanks so much, Liana Leyendecker

“Hi Holly,The wedding was wonderful and we got some great shots of the dancing, which was awesome. Please thank Havila again for everything. Here is a link to see the photos, you may want to go directly to the reception. There are alot of photos. Also I am sending 2 montages to you in this email.Feel free to use them on your web. If I can do anything else for you, let me know.”

Our best to you,Dori

“Holly!I have been meaning to email you guys for months. Cassidy Punt and I got married in September, and the dance was an absolute hit!!! Everyone loved it and Cass and I were so relaxed. Thank you guys so much for the lessons, we had tons of fun!”

Cheers! Megan Campbell Punt

“Hi Holly,These are some nice pics our photographer captured during a few high lights of the dance. Thanks for everything!”

Pamela and Justin Clark

“I have not seen any professional pictures yet. The dance did go well, though!”

K. Baum