The Color Of Tango

The Color of Tango

Tango has been setting trends since 1856. Carried from Spain to the Victorian ballrooms, Tango has left its mark. By the Edwardian era Tango had its own color, Tango Orange. Tango Roots Tango began as a South American dance. This was according to Parisian M. Markowski described in the “Dancer’s Casket” by Philadelphia resident Charles[…]

7 Dancing Do’s & Don’ts Still Stylish Today

Good etiquette is always in style. I was down the research rabbit hole when I came across the dancing do’s & don’ts from the 1950’s. I was impressed with how timeless the tips were. Here is how this piece of history is still true today. Pick you outfit in advance Planning is always in style.[…]

Queen Esther Persian Dance How To

Buried in the bible is the story of a bold Jewish princess, Esther. Her destiny was to save her people, but I wonder what dance would Queen Esther have done for her wedding? Perhaps a dance like the Persian Lezgi dance. This traditional Persian dance is a great adventure back in time. Queen Esther Hard[…]