4 Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired wedding ideas at Blackstone Country club on Holly’s hot wedding tips.

4 Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired wedding ideas at Blackstone Country club on Holly’s hot wedding

Cara from Blackstone Country club

Cara from Blackstone Country club



I love beautiful buildings, and Blackstone Country Club is defiantly beautiful. I met with Cara St. John to find out more about the Blackstone Country Club and creative weddings held there. Here is what I found.


Most Creative Wedding Cara has hosted is a Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired wedding. The Blackstone country club fits the bill for this kind of retro event. Here are some of the best tips from the web on retro-inspired wedding.

Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired wedding tips:

  1. Pick a location that fits your Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired wedding theme
  2. Choose flapper or gangster themed accessories and cocktail wear
  3. Choose your retro inspired menu
  4. Prepare for a party to remember!

Tips from around the web,

  1. Buzzfeed Great Gatsby inspired wedding
  2. The knot affordable Great Gatsby inspired wedding
  3. 1920’s inspired wedding
  4. How to dance the Charleston by Adventures in Dance


About Blackstone Country Club:

  1. Blackstone is a private Country Club available for all kinds of events with full service onsite catering, tables, chairs, linens, glassware and flatware.
  2. Weddings- only 30per year, and only one wedding per day, letting you have more individual attention for your event and have a flexible timeline. Beautiful locations inside and outside for ceremony and reception.
  3. Rehearsal dinners.
  4. Bridal showers.
  5. Baby showers.
  6. Business meetings.

Thank you Cara St John from Cara St. John, Private Event Director, Blackstone Country Club 7777 S. Country Club Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80016 phone 720.330.7124 cstjohn@canongategolf.com www.blackstone-club.com


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(Holly–>) Good morning Cara it’s so good to have you on Holly’s hot wedding tips. So how long have you been in the service industry of serving parties and foods and things? (Cara–>) I have been in this industry for 20 years, since I was 16. (Holly –>)  What got you started when you were 16? (Cara–>) I actually started working at a country club when I was in high school back in my home state of Iowa. Spent 3 summers there and then just throughout college and adulthood I kind of remained in the industry and worked my way up through different roles and things like that. (Holly –>) Great so tell me about Black Stone Country Club. (Cara–>) We are a private country club that’s open to nonmembers to host their events with us. Right now we do about 30 weddings a year, we only host 1 wedding a day. It’s really awesome because the couple is our focus means we’re flexible on our timelines, when they can get into the space. The facility itself is beautiful you don’t have to do a whole lot to it which is nice. We’re full service so all the food and beverages included in house for you. We really take time to get to know the couple figure out what their ideal day is and make sure that they are able to come the day of, relax, and really enjoy themselves and not have to worry about staying on their timeline or anything like that, we take care of all those details for them. (Holly –>) Tell me what questions do you wish brides would ask you when they come to interview for their wedding or event. (Cara–>) I wish that they would ask how we’re different from other properties that they’re looking at. Whether it be other country clubs that they’re looking at, like what sets us apart, what would make their day unique with us? Because I think that they would find out that we take care of a lot of the details for them in terms of their food and beverage, all their tables and chairs and glassware and flatware all included in the deal. So I wish they would ask us what makes you different than versus that we’re looking at. What are the things that you include that maybe they don’t, somethings like that (Holly –>) what other kinds of events can you do besides weddings? (Cara–>) We do bridal showers, baby showers, and rehearsal dinners. (Holly –>) So there’s other options for this beautiful venue. (Cara–>) There are we have 3 different private event rooms, our ballroom is where weddings take place. We also have a smaller room at the front of the clubhouse that has a floor to ceiling bay window it’s beautiful it works really well for rehearsal dinners and bridal showers. We did a co-ed baby shower on Saturday, so kind of a 30 to 40 guests but it was a fun time for the group to get together. (Holly –>) Tell me about the most unique wedding you’ve ever done. (Cara–>) We actually kind of focus on just keeping things traditional here. We don’t really have a whole lot of out of the box things. We do have a Great Gatsby themed wedding coming up in a few weeks here so it’ll be really exciting to see how all of their decor comes together. I know they’ve been working with some florists on getting some feathers and table decor and things like that. But most of our weddings  they’re pretty traditional, like I said the clubhouse is pretty beautiful in of itself so if you want something more traditional and simple we’re definitely a really great venue for you to check out.