Fall First Dance Graduates at Adventures in Dance

Spectacular September Wedding dance

Kristina Tkac & Nic Palmer had taken some dance lessons before but need some help making something special for there wedding. Luckily, they went with adventures in dance and thusly made a rely flashy Foxtrot. The song they had decided on was “Your love Keeps me lifting” by Jackie Wilson. With the help of Bill and a lot of hard work and brainstorming they swept there crowd away on September 19th. They later retired to their honeymoon in Granada Spain.

Nervous couple ties the not with a dance

Katie Radcliffe & Adam Littrell were a bit timid to come into the studio. They had a wedding coming up fast and needed to learn how to dance and weren’t sure they had enough time. But thanks to some dedication and a bit of practice they mad there first dance something special. They decided with their instructor William to do a Box to the wedding version of “When the Right one Comes along”. Then on September 19th they Owned there first dance wowing both the crowd and themselves. William couldn’t be prouder of them and their accomplishment.

Wedding Couple fulfill their wedding dreams

Kayla Lipscomb is a Courtroom analyst and Ryan Cooley is a Avionic Tech. While they did come to us with no dance experience, they soon discovered a love for dance that they themselves didn’t know they had.  With the help of Holly, they pulled together a Box step at their reception that wowed every gest in attendance. May their song “What if’s” by Kane Brown forever be in their hearts. Following there massive success they retired to a honeymoon in Disneyland, now that there dreams had come true.

September Couple Nails there wedding dance

Both Justin Dearden a Technologist asset manager and Karla Lopez a Registered Nurse were bound and determined to nail there first dance on September 19th and succeeded in leaps and bounds. This couple has the guts and will to accomplish whatever they set their minds to and Thusly decided to do a Merengue and Viennese waltz to “You’re the Reason” and “Suavamente”. With some help from Holly they shook up their reception at Baldoria on the Water.

Dancers Swing into a new life as husband and bride

Perrin Spalletta & Margaret Jones were planning for their wedding on September 14th, luckily, they had the forethought to schedule some dance classes well ahead of time. They had picked there first song and walked the floor of the studio ready to learn and build a wonderful first dance. After some thought and testing with a couple of different options with Holly they decided on a Single Time Swing and began their path to success. When the time came, and the music glided across the floor they danced wondrously to their song “All I need” by Awolnation amid their smiling relatives and dear friends at Strawberry Creek Ranch in Granby Colorado.

Build Dealer and Orthodontist Move to there own sound

Rachel Levine & Andrew DesGranges were a bit hesitant at first to learn their first dance. With Rachel working in orthodontics and Andrew working at a Builds Dealership they wondered if dancing was at all something made for them. However, with the help of Holly and an understanding of what it takes to learn a new skill they put together something special for their wedding on September 7th. They performed a Box for there wedding party to their song “Love is Everything”. Not a single person was not moved that night at The Barn in Evergreen Colorado.

Couple is Moved beyond steps in their first dance

Mike Don Moyer & Teri Mordick at long last planned to get married on September 13th. They had done their research and decided that Adventures in dance would be the perfect place to take their first timid steps into the dancing world. With help of Holly they found themselves moved beyond steps, touched beyond leads and above all ells madly in love with each other and there dancing. Together they built a beautiful Box for their wedding day. When the magical day come at the Strawberry Creek Ranch not a single person in the crowd had a dry eye throughout their whole dance.

Family of Dancers leave their audience in awe at there wedding

Trevor Wages a Civil Engineer & Hannah Stafford a Physicians Assistant went above and beyond for there first dance. They not only Danced with each other, Hanna danced with her Father and Trevor with his mother. This Family is truly a close one, we have been so pleased to work with them. They had decided with William to do a Foxtrot to their song “I will Follow you” by Toulouse. That night at the mountain View Ranch not a single person was Expecting the sheer spectacle of this amazing dancing Family.

Shy family runs the Ballroom

Amanda Heiser & Ryan Lizarraga’s wedding was fast approaching and they rely wanted to dance together for their wedding. This couple and their family Committed and together not only built a dance for the Bride and Groom but for their respective parents as well. With the help of William, the couple built a romantic Foxtrot to their song “I will Follow you” by Toulouse. That magical Day on August 25th the crowd was astounded by how hard this family worked to make their wedding something very special.

Doctor and Rocket Engineer take their dance to the moon

Sarah Mann a Doctor & Brad Appel a Rocket Engineer were a bit timid to take off for their first dance. So they enlisted the help of Adventures in Dance to get their 2 left feet from here to the moon. They had decided that “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young was going to be the perfect song and with some help from Holly they made a beautiful Foxtrot. Together they worked hard and practiced harder to be prepared for their wedding on September 22nd.

Father Daughter dance leaves the crowd in tears

Both Jessica & Rick Erjavec were bound and determined to build their Father daughter dance by September 20th. With some help from Holly they build a dance that left not one dry eye at the wedding at The Sanctuary Golf course. They decided on a Country Western 2 step to their song “Because You Loved me”. We loved every moment teaching this wonderful Daddy Daughter pairing and hope they continue to have happy memories together as a Family.

Excited couple leave there wedding speechless

Austin Kipp & Shelby Riley were simply ecstatic at the thought of getting to do a first dance for their wedding. Through a lot of time, effort and a bit of help here and there they put together a marvelous first dance. With the help of William and some good old-fashioned elbow grease they put together something truly special for their wedding on September 29th. They Performed a marvelous Box for their family and friends to their song “Speechless” by Dan and Shay in the beautiful Boulder Colorado.

Cozy December Couple blows their wedding away

Alex Telleria & Lisette Corrales decided it was important to make a plan for their first dance. So, they took the time to come into Adventures in dance to work with Holly to design a dance to fit them and their dream wedding. They chose the song “Flor Palida” by Marc Anthony to work on their Special Day. By December 6th they were ready to rock their reception at Mount Dara Florida. Having accomplished their goals, they retired to their honeymoon in Asia where they could rest and relax for 6 months.

Lovely November Wedding

Dancing on Saturday November 23rd, Jessica Gutierrez & Ryan O’Quin danced the night away, whisking their audience to a world of romance. This lovely couple danced a romantic Mix of dances for their wedding. Holly Tomazin Loved teaching the romantic couple for their official wedding. They traveled Guatemala for a lovely honeymoon given their great success.