Summer First Dance Graduates at Adventures in Dance

Marketing couple sell their first dance

David Staley is in Apartment Marketing and Nicole Brennan is in advertising. While they did come to us with no dance experience, they soon unlocked a hidden talent that they themselves didn’t know they had in dance.  With the help of Holly, they pulled out a night club 2 step at there reception that wowed every gest in attendance. May their song “Beyond by Lean Bridges” forever be in their hearts as they honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Joyful June wedding

Both Curtis Bentley an operations manager and Erin Dunn a admin assistant was bound and determined to nail there first dance on June 15th. This couple has the gusto to accomplish whatever they set their minds to and decided to do a Box to “Beauty and the Beast.” With some help from Holly and a lot of effort they shook up their reception at The Cherokee Ranch and Castle. Now able to relax at their honeymoon in Italy.

Business owners Own their wedding dance

 Here is a truly passionate and dedicated pair of dancers. Both Christine Kopec and Mark Ashland run their own small businesses and understood that learning a new skill could take some time. So, they put there minds to a goal and succeeded in crafting there waltz with the help of Holly. They danced to “I chose You” on June 15th at the Arrowhead Golf club. This wonderful pair, now able to rest, honeymooned in the Grand Canyon and go on succeeding to this day.

Stockbrokers make it big at there Reception. 

Elizabeth Cogswell and Matthew Schick were planning for there wedding June 28th, luckily, they had the forethought to schedule some dance classes well ahead of time. They had picked there first song and walked the floor of the studio ready and willing to nail there first dance. After some deliberation with their teacher they Decided on a Box and began their path to greatness. When that special day came, they danced divinely to their song “Yours by Russell Dickson” amid the beautiful greenery at Hudson Gardens.

Jubilant July Wedding dance

Alex Marretta and Chris Reddersen are a pair of hard-working dancers. They came to us and decided they wanted to do a box to their song “Something just like this the acoustic version by Missy and Blond.” Then on July 1st in Durango Colorado they gave a stunning performance at there reception. They later retired to their honeymoon cruise and have been happy dancers since.

Fabulous Foxtrot and Scintillating swing all in one night

Megan Sprot and Dan Baginski had big plans for there wedding on July 20th. They weren’t just going to learn something for there first dance, Megan also wanted to do a Foxtrot with her father daughter dance. So they set a plan with both Holly and Robyn and came up with a Peppy swing to “You belong to me by Bryan Adams” and a slow foxtrot to “Your my best friend by Queen.” The crowd went wild at Bearner Ranch community park and the two of them couldn’t be happier.

Technicians Step into a wistful Box

Chelsea Woodrum & Marek Romanowski are both technicians in their respected fields, it for Marek and X-Ray for Chelsea, due to this they were a bit hesitant at first to learn there first dance. However, with the help of Holly and some good old-fashioned elbow grease they put together something really special for their wedding on July 12th. They Performed a marvelous Box for them after party to there song “Everything by Michael Buble” in the beautiful Pine Colorado.

Beautiful couple gets swept up in their dance

Ariel Banos & Chhin Sun, a recreational therapist and a sports reporter, at long last planned to get married on July 20th. They were a bit unsure about doing there first dance but with help of Robyn they found them selves swept up in there dancing. Together they built a beautiful swing to “Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.” When the magical day come at Grant Humphreys Mansion not a single person in the crowd had a dry eye throughout their whole dance.

Computer programmer Builds a marvelous first dance

Both Christina Laan an RN and Michael Lockwitz a computer programmer were bound and determined to build their first dance by July 13th. With some help from Holly they build a dance that shook the very foundations of their reception at The Boettcher mansion. They decided on a Box to their song “Better together by Jack Jhonson” Now able to relax at their honeymoon in Thailand.

Students forever in dance and life

Dancing on Friday July 12th Westby Mize & Maria Diaz Illuminated their wedding day. This Dynamic Duo danced both a box and a Merengue to “Book of life and Swavamente.” This couple worked relentlessly practicing day and night in the studio. Holly couldn’t be prouder, here’s to them and may they have a wonderful time in Turks and Caicos.

All Encompassing August wedding

Eric Grafton & Lacey Schwartz decided it was important to plan for their first dance. So, they took the time to come into Adventures in dance to work something out with Holly so there first dance on their many days together could be that much more special. Together they put together a smooth foxtrot to “Mango Tree” by Zac Brown, we couldn’t be prouder. By August 18th this Nurse and software engineer swept away their reception at the arrowhead Golf course. Now this beautiful couple rests in Paris having accomplished what they set out to do.

Shy Couple Breaks into a marvelous first dance

Ashley Delants is a bright and peppy EDI Liaison & Andrew Johannes a quiet but Strong Suit Drafter. When they came to us there were a bit concerned on how well they could dance. But due to some background in hockey and a lot of trust in one another they pulled through and made a beautiful first dance. With some help from William they made a slow and romantic Foxtrot to their song “True Colors” by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. On August 17th they wowed their crowd and to this day are happier by the minute.

PA’s create a marvelous first dance

Jp Halfen & Laura Snyder came together and decided to put together something elegant for their first dance on August 11th. With some help from Craig they decided that a Box was going to work best for them and their song. We guided them through the Ups and downs of their dance and by the end they were swooning to there song “Can’t help Falling in love” by Haley R. The crowd was blown away with their hard work and effort. They later retired to their Honeymoon in Mexico.

Domestic Engineer and Hvac Tie the knot

Nick Bairel & Jessica Cranson have shared numerous feelings for one another for a while. They knew it was time to get some help making a fantastic first dance. They had decided that “When you say nothing at all” by Allison N. was going to be the perfect song and with some help from Craig they made a beautiful first dance. Together they worked hard and practiced harder to be prepared for their wedding on August 3rd.

Creative minds have a Ball at there first dance

Kenna Witt may be a crackpot Engineer, but she was surprised by what she and her fiancé Mike Matz could do on the dance floor on her wedding day. Luckily, she enlisted the help of adventures in dance and was able to put together a fantastic first dance her family wouldn’t soon forget. Together with holly they put together a beautiful Foxtrot to “Speechless” by Dan and Shay. They rocked their dance on August 3rd at the boulder country club. After there success they retired to Italy have achieved all they wanted and more.