Beauty and the Beast Surprise Bride

Beauty and the Beast Surprise Bride

Isn’t it romantic when your guy surprises you? Well this outstanding groom went over the top to surprise his bride! He hired Beauty and the Beast to do a surprise dance at his wedding.

Johnny knew his true love Amanda loved Beauty and the Beast. So, for his wedding, he got with his wedding planner Sarah Viera Event Planning and Design, and hired Craig and Holly from Adventures in Dance to come dance as Beauty and the Beast at his wedding. It was very hard to keep this secret from his fiancée Amanda. She was on top of everything.

Lit trees Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

With the assistance of the staff at Spruce Mountain Ranch, and Bobby Sorden Professional DJ Service, the surprise was set. Just before the social dance began, Johnny announced Amanda’s favorite song, “Tale as old as time” from Beauty and the Beast. On cue Beast and Bell entered from the side door and danced around the happy couple.

Beauty and the Beast wedding Dance

Beauty and the Beast wedding Dance

At the finish of the dance, Beast presented Amanda with a glass rose just like the one in the movie. They then took pictures with the happy couple and their guests. Belle then danced with everyone in the electric slide, and the Wobble. This was a memorable wedding.

Wedding line dance with Belle

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