Valentines Inspired First Dance

Valentines Inspired First Dance

valentines inspired wedding dance

Receptionist and Aerospace inspector Soar with their first dance.

Zach Maxwell Jillian Checkley first dance

We met Zach Maxwell and Jillian Checkley at The Rocky mountain Bridal Show and right then and there we knew there was something special about them. This couple was determined and Passionate about landing there first dance and sure enough they did. On February 9th 2019 Zach and Jillian Swayed there audience with there dance to “Pushin up Daisies” by Brothers Osborn at the Silverthorne Pavilion. We couldn’t be prouder.


Counselor and Electrician get swept up in their wedding dance

LJ Reiner Allyson West first Dance

On February 23 2019 LJ Reiner and Allyson West tripped the light fantastic at the Barn in Evergreen. They started three months in advance of their wedding so they had time to practice what they were learning for their first dance. LJ and Allyson chose to dance a frisky foxtrot to “perfect” by Ed Sheeran. They practiced long and hard and it all paid off. They nailed their first dance. May they dance happily into the future.

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