International Standard Ballroom Quickstep-Popular dances for Social and Wedding Dance

 International Standard Ballroom Quickstep-Popular dances for Social and Wedding Dancequickstep ballroom dancers

The Quickstep is a lively and joyful dance. It is a fast ballroom dance skipping lightly around the ballroom. It is considered an easy dance with light steps while tripping the light fantastic around the ballroom. This dance is an exhilarating workout with fascinating rhythms and upbeat music.


The history of the quickstep is not rooted in one dance. It emerged out of the 1900 barnyard dances (Turkey Trot, Bunny Hug, and Grizzly), the Foxtrot, the Charleston and the one step.  With the slowing of Jazz into blues, the Foxtrot followed suit, leaving a vacuum for fast tempo dances. At the same time the Charleston exploded onto the scene. Signs were posted to PCQ (please Charleston quietly) as arms and legs flailed wildly. As the rules like “No kicking please” were enforced, the Charleston died out. The quickstep moved in at this time and was standardized in 1927 with pieces from the quick time foxtrot and Charleston.

The Quickstep is danced to 4/4 time music at 192-208 BPM. Its base rhythm is a syncopated Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow. Quickstep incorporates locks, skips, hops and kicks as it flies around the ballroom. It is a lighthearted and jubilant dance in the International Standard ballroom dances.

International Standard Ballroom Quickstep Overview

  1. A fast ballroom dance
  2. Upbeat music
  3. Danced to 4/4 time music at 192-208 BPM
  4. Syncopated Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow
  5. Locks, skips, hops and kicks around the ballroom
  6. An exhilarating workout

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