Foxtrot Group Dance Class

Foxtrot Dance Class Thursdays from 7-7:50pm $90 per person for 8 group class sessions. Beginner & intermediate dancers have fun¬† learning the Foxtrot dance as found in various dance clubs.[…]

May Ballroom Dance Aerobics

May Ballroom Dance Aerobics Mondays from 7:30-8:20pm May 2nd-23rd $50 per person for 4 group class sessions. Feel the burn as you dance fun ballroom dance moves! $15 per person[…]

April Showcase Dinner Dance

April Showcase Dinner Dance Sunday April 24th, 4-7pm Join the students and staff at Adventures in dance for a delightful afternoon of Ballroom and Latin dance exhibitions and staff show.[…]

April 22 Social Dance Potluck Party

April 22¬†Social Dance Potluck Party 8-9:30 pm Join your friends at Adventures in dance for a fun evening of ballroom, Latin, salsa, swing and tango dancing! Dress to impress in[…]